I recently made a post about slowing down, this is the next step of that.

Walking barefoot, I discovered, is more than just that, its about slowing down, becoming aware of everything. What’s under my feet? where is my next step? Noticing and feeling the textures of what’s underneath my foot. Is it wet? dry? squishy? hard? soft? enjoyable? painful? uncomfortable? I also realized that walking barefoot has become part of my self care, its providing a chance for me to tune in, with myself and with nature. I feel more connected to nature when I’m barefoot. I hear the birds more, I hear the wind, the water, the environment around me, including humans, planes, cars, etc. It’s become a walking meditation. I take time to stop and notice flowers, trees, animals, and live fully in that moment. It truly has become a gift to me. At first it was a novelty, now it’s essential.

So, my challenge to you is this; give it a shot! Take off those shoes and feel the earth below you. Not just in nice soft green grass, but anywhere! Sure, rocks may suck to walk on at first, and it becomes fun. IT’S OKAY TO GET DIRTY! Mud feels great between your toes! People pay way too much money to have someone else put mud of their feet for a spa treatment, this is free! As a kid I was not allowed to get dirty, and never dreamed of it, now it’s a way for my inner child to come out and really get dirty and have fun, and forget about being an adult for awhile. I was on a walk with my girlfriend and her son the other day, at first he was complaining of getting muddy, and by the end of the walk, he had joined us in the barefoot adventure and was loving the mud!

What say you?  What do you have to lose? My ask is, once you’ve tried this, share your experience with me in the comments below!