Self care. You hear me talking about this a lot on my social media posts. One thing I haven’t really mentioned is that self care is also spending time alone. Finding time for yourself, for your hobbies, to fill your own cup, recharge your spirit. For me, that means getting out of town, going camping and being artistic. Some of you know that my first career was photography, if not, you do now. Below are images I took while on my trip, not only documenting my adventures, but allowing my creative self to come out, to spread my wings of artistry and fill that void that has been empty for awhile.  A side note. all images on this website, blogs included, are all mine. If you’re curious for more, here is my Flickr account.

IMG_2657IMG_2677 IMG_2626 IMG_2632wall

In addition to filling my artistic cup, I also nourished my belly. I took the time ahead of the trip, to make some meals, pack healthy snacks, bring uncooked food, so that I didn’t have to go out and spend extra money on my trip. It also maximized my alone time and not having to interact with others.  At a rest stop, nibbling on some cooked veggies in a bowl I had brought with me, a passer by stopped and commented on what a great idea that was, and lamented that she didn’t do the same thing as she ate her goldfish snack in a small travel pouch.

breakfast eggs

I also made oatmeal, eggs and hot water for my coffee on an open fire. Taking time to slow down, build the fire, tend it and enjoy the full process of it. In this time, I enjoyed the scenery, the birds, the spaciousness of my mind, fully being in the moment.

Lastly, enjoy this five minute video of me talking at the breakfast table, sharing a snippet of my day, and some thoughts to consider around self care, slowing down and going alone.