LIFE CATALYST: Through my mission to educate and empower the world, I offer one on one, small group and class setting, personal growth and self-empowerment education.  Focusing on the areas of Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation, I offer an opportunity for people who want to go deeper in their lives, connect with a part of themselves that they may not know, and do it in a safe space.  Offering tools that you can take with you on your journey and growth with them.  

Using these principals:

  • Movement: exploring the body through play and curiosity to create ease and awareness,
  • Mindfulness: of being, action, and words through exercises and discussion,
  • Meditation: exploring the inner landscape of the body through guided meditation, to create a deeper awareness of self.


Sessions can be as unique as the individual, we can be in my office, out in nature, at your house, or elsewhere.


Pricing for Life Catalyst sessions

  • $120 for personal sessions
  • Small group and classes, contact for rates


THERAPEUTIC BODYWORK: A different and refreshing approach towards wellness. Combining Therapeutic Bodywork, Energy work, Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Intraoral massage, SomatoEmotional Release and intuition to create a unique session catered specifically to you. As each moment changes, allowing the most effective Bodywork and energy applications to flow. In addition to physical techniques, I strive to help educate and empower you about your body and self-care. I feel that the more we know about our own bodies, the better we can care for them and live a longer, healthier life!

Ground rules of my sessions:

  • The sessions are about you, not about me. I desire to co-create sessions with my clients so that they can become self-empowered about their own bodies, I do not impart my ego, agenda or else wise with my clients.
  • Sessions are offered to range from clients being fully clothed to disrobing to any comfort level and being covered by sheets when this is true. I offer this because I want my clients to be fully comfortable when in session with me.
  • I DO NOT use lotion or oil in my sessions, as they can vary so much in dynamic.
  • I fully honour confidentiality to protect my clients, even in between couples.
  • I welcome and accept any and all questions at any point during and after my sessions.


Pricing for Therapeutic Bodywork sessions

• $80 for 60 minutes

• $120 for 90 minutes


Food 500x346

COOKING COACHING: A service in which you are educated and empowered towards healthier cooking and snacking. Do you have a desire to eat healthier but don’t know how? I can help you understand healthy food, be it full meals or simple snacks, and food preparation from a foundational level—as well as make it fun! We can co-create healthy, delicious meals together, looking at meals and snacks in a new and empowering light. We’ll allow your creativity to drive your journey of food and wellness. Private classes available. Please contact me for more information.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT: We’ll start with a half hour consultation discussing your goals. What have you tried in the past? What is and isn’t working for you now? What is your cooking vision for the future? After creating a plan we’ll shop for food, and I’ll help select quality ingredients for your meals and/or snacks. Understanding the seasonality of foods to optimize nutritional and taste quality, as well as supporting local farming when possible, are integral parts of the selection process.

We’ll also discuss a variety of ways to prepare each food, integrating spices and utilizing various cuisine styles. We’ll cook 2-3 meals per session, lasting between 1 1/2- 2 hours. Private sessions as well as group sessions are available. You can contact me via email or phone to set up sessions. I look forward to empowering you on a healthier journey with food!


Pricing for 2-session cooking package:

• 1 person: $200
• 2 people: $240
• 3 people: $280

Pricing for 3-session cooking package:
• 1 person: $245
• 2 people: $285
• 3 people: $325

Hourly coaching rate: $80

CANCELLATION POLICY: While unexpected events happen occasionally in everyone’s life, to be effective and fair to all clients, a 24-hour advance notice is required when canceling your appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to take your place. If you are unable to provide 24-hours advance notice, please note that you will be charged 50% of your appointment’s fee, which must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.


PHONE: 503.680.5388