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• You ask the best questions! —Renae

You possess the beautiful ability to actually listen(Hold Space), & hear where someone is at, followed with suggestions that assist in pointing the person requesting service towards finding their own solution, or truth! —Jeremiah

• Brian is kind, genuine, and present. He leads with an open heart and has a beautiful grounding energy that is contagious. If you are needing support on your life path or with a transition, I highly recommend him. –Kristie

• Brian is a masterful consultant and I highly recommend working with him if you’re needing to get to the next level. Brian helped me transition from a job that I wasn’t enjoying to starting my own business and launching my dreams. Our work together helped me address my fears, insecurities, and resistances and transform them into my jet fuel. I cannot recommend him enough. He has the skills, presence and the ability to help you create the life of your dreams. –Jake

• “A crick in my neck
Banging away on the Mac
Time for a massage

Hands on expertise
Rending knots from my body
Refreshed and renewed”
– Joe

• “While in town for a short visit, I had been having some hip discomfort. After seeing Brian my hip feels so much better, even after a long (5 hours) drive back home. Brian is very professional and I would recommend him and will see him again.” —Theresa

• “Brian has helped me through injuries and tight muscles while educating me about why I may be experiencing these problems, as well as giving me advice on how to avoid them. His knowledge and great massages keep me coming back each week. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!” —Grace

• “Brian is an excellent bodyworker who is particularly good with specific injuries, aches and pains. He is also very professional while being kind and genuinely interested in helping his clients feel better.” —Lisa

• “Brian does excellent work. He is especially talented with bringing awareness to holding of emotion in the muscles and body.” —Elizabeth

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• “Brian works magic with his hands, both with specific injuries and general tightness/soreness. I always leave his care feeling rejuvenated, and would recommend his services to anyone!” —Daniel

• “Brian has done amazing things for my various sports injuries. His extensive knowledge of all of the body’s muscles and bones helps him pinpoint exactly what you need to get better. I would recommend anyone with any type of ache, pain, or tension give him a visit. He’s great!” —Laura

• “Though my initial opinion of therapeutic massage to fix my cranky back and shoulders was highly skeptical, Brian helped to change that and put my mind (and back) at ease. He is not only professional but also informative about what he is doing to help with my aches and pains. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!” —Heather

• “Brian has helped my carpal tunnel. I was going to have a surgery this month but after seeing Brian for 3 months. I have called off the surgery do to the great relief that has occurred. I have been able to do things with my arm that I was unable to do for several years now.  Also he not only does that for a client. He is there to listen and help with personal issues you may be having.” —Tim