It’s been awhile since my last update on my blog and a lot has happened.  My life has been in flux and transitions all over the place. To briefly summarize, after the last blog, I re-stabilized in Ann Arbor, my relationship with my partner continued to grow as well as go into challenges. Memorial weekend, one of my sweet four legged children had to be put down and I suffered the worst bout of grief I have ever experienced.  Then feeling the call to check out Colorado, as a potential place to live, I bought a plane ticket to visit there for 10 days. I was unexpectedly greeted by so many amazing offerings, gifts and community that I decided to pack up from Ann Arbor and head westward once more. This time it was a lot easier as I had purged of plenty of my possessions.   My friend Renae who I now live with in the Denver area, who had moved here a few months before I did, offered her service to help me move and we had an epic 2 day road trip from Ann Arbor to Denver. I moved here by myself and Zephyr cat and my relationship with my partner suffered a lot of challenges, as a result and her and I have decided to part on a romantic level. That in itself has been a great challenge and a growth edge all in one.


I heard a quote at a course in miracles course right after moving to Denver that went something like this. ” Sometimes what we perceive as one of our greatest failures, is actually one of our greatest successes.” This feels like is it ringing very true for me with this year. I have overcome and walked through many challenges and obstacles this year, one after another, wondering if they would ever seize.

Since arriving in Denver less than 2 months ago, I again have been overwhelmed with hospitality beyond any measure I could have imagined in my life.  The abundance has flowed in so many ways it’s hard for me to recount here.  A few highlights are as follows: Meeting an amazing group of individuals who are well on their own path to success and spiritual growth. Being offered a free ticket into the Landmark Forum series by an angel that goes by Erron. Another seemingly Divine occurrence was after being here TWO days, I was hired pretty much sight unseen by a small massage studio because of my credentials and also an even more shocking and divine connection I have with a colleague and this woman.  I have established not one, but two studios in which to teach my new movement meditation class at in the Denver area and lastly, I just signed up for a 12 month course with an amazing woman who will help me and others grow our coaching practice to worlds we cannot imagine. I am not even going to try to imagine because at this rate, I have been gifted with so much, that I really know anything is possible and my mind is my own limit on that one.

Below are is a bit of a photo documentary of my short time here in Denver, enjoy!