When you are ready to drop the story and look for the truth of who you are.


Feel Freer in mind, body & spirit

To illuminate something, means to shine light on it and to make it brighter and more visible. Are you ready to shine light on your self, career or world?

In this world of duality, we can either live in the light, or live in the dark, the choice is yours. If you are wanting more light, I want to honour you for this choice. It is not an easy one and the journey is worth it. No one can do it for you, and you can’t do it alone. If you are looking for a guide on this journey into the light, let me be that guide for you.

We will walk that path together, looking for answers. Those answers are within you. I will help remind you of your greatness, and showing you that your power lies within you.

Brian M. Truskowski

Coach. Teacher. Bodyworker.

Currently seeing clients at:

Ascension Healing Arts Center

shine your light

On your self, career & World

Let your light shine.

You are radiant pure divine light and love. Shine it!

As Michael Beckwith says, ”We are not here to walk lockstep with the status quo. We are here to bring our unique gifts to this world!”

So shine your light, shine your gift and shine your love.  Don’t give anything less than your fullness. You are here to truly shine for the world!