Welcome to the Illuminate podcast! In this second episode, I will be interviewing Michael Lee, an artist, teacher, therapist and mime.

Michael Lee is a movement artist, movement teacher and movement therapist.  He works on stage as a mime and has studied with Marcel Merceaux. He also teaches the art aka “physical acting” to actors and figure skaters from around the world. A few of his figure skating clients have won 3 consecutive years of Gold and Silver medals in the Olympics. Using Spacial Dynamics he works with patients at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Teaching healing movements to aid their recovery and growth.  At home on his farm near Stockbridge, Michigan, he works and plays with his horses, and teaches movement through handling, riding and driving them.

The Illuminate podcast is a fun and inspiring podcast where the host asks the guests 3 deep questions that generate enlivening conversations. Typically uplifting, inspirational and contemplative questions that leave the viewer in a place of feeling informed and/or inspires action towards serving others or raising the vibration of the planet.

To learn more about Michael, visit his websites at: https://www.michaelleemime.com/



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