Welcome to the Illuminate podcast! In this 5th episode, I will be interviewing Leslie Blackburn, author, speaker, Sacred Sexuality practitioner.
Leslie woke up from a lifetime of “holding on, numbing out and keeping people out” to reconnect with their body, their power and deepest authentic purpose in life.  In that journey from fifteen years in corporate engineering to now eleven years as Sacred Sexual Healer & Transformational Guide, they birthed their own unique medicine informed by the wisdom of a wide array of teachers and experiences. Leslie has worked with and inspired thousands of people on the path of Sacred Sexuality, and honed ways to liberate others through her story, spiritual teachings and deeply embodied experiential practices. She now offers a path of connecting with your own deep clarity and soul purpose through sexual empowerment.  Leslie bridges the realms to bring deep mystery teachings back into our world from a place of clarity, joy, wisdom and giggles so that we create a culture of love and respect for our bodies, ourselves, each other, nature and the planet.  Love in Action!
Leslie is a queer, omnisexual, polyamorous, ecosexual, gender-transcendent supporter of all beings to be authentically who they are, and uses the pronouns she, her, they, them.
Book online and Give Yourself the Gift of Ahhhh! here:  https://www.leslieblackburn.com/work-…
As always, I am also offering remote Sacred Sexuality sessions as well, more about that work here:  https://www.leslieblackburn.com/
Also, I am offering a free gift of a Grounding Centering Meditation here:  https://www.leslieblackburn.com/resou…
The Illuminate podcast is a fun and inspiring podcast where the host asks the guests 3 deep questions that generate enlivening conversations. Typically uplifting, inspirational and contemplative questions that leave the viewer in a place of feeling informed and/or inspires action towards serving others or raising the vibration of the planet.
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