Welcome to the Illuminate podcast! In this 6th episode, I will be interviewing Lisa Gottlieb, Social worker, Kripalu Yoga Certified Instructor and Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer.
Lisa has a masters of social work degree, and has been a school social worker for nearly 20 years with the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. 17 of those years were working in the Washtenaw County Juvenile Detention Center where she installed the facility’s first vegtable garden, and created a yoga and mediation program for incarcerated and court involved youth, as well as being part of the Washtenaw County Juvenile Drug Court Program.
She is a Kripalu Yoga Certified Instructor, and a Mindfulness Meditation teacher.
Lisa is the co-founder and operations manager of the local food and local farm non-profit organization Selma Cafe, which recently granted over $70,000 to local farmers, food makers and others who contribute to local food in our SE Michigan community.
4 years ago Lisa became a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She created the Compassionate Communication Center of Ann Arbor, and co-founded Great Lakes NVC, a collaborative venture with other NVC trainers. Lisa currently teaches online NVC classes, sees private coaching clients, and writes about Nonviolent Communication; she also co-leads yearly NVC immersion programs in Ann Arbor. 
Lisa Gottlieb MSW, SSW 
instagram @liebslove
facebook lisa.gottlieb.3
Director of Compassionate Communication of Ann Arbor, https://www.facebook.com/Compassionat…
Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer  https://www.cnvc.org/
Coaching & Training for Individuals, couples and small business owners https://www.lisagottlieb.com/
Great Lakes NVC Collaborative Training and Seminars in the Great Lakes region https://www.greatlakesnvc.com/
Selma Cafe Co-Founder and Operations Director http://selmacafe.org/
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