I’ve worked with Brian off and on over the past ten years and have experienced some profound healings and transformational feedback each of the times that I’ve experienced his offerings. For me, I found he was most helpful to me when I’ve been on the verge of a large transformation but also have experienced some profound work moving through trauma and childhood patterning. Brian is thoughtful, passionate and loving in his approach. —Britten

image of a heart created with river stones
image of the word love written in stones and driftwood

Brian has an aura that makes people feel calm, connected and comfortable right away. His interactions are from a place of wanting to deeply understand others while allowing himself to be deeply understood. As one of his podcast guest, I immediately trusted that our conversation would be insightful, thoughtful and purposeful. Brian is a gem and a true gift to those around him!!!! —Tinesha

You ask the best questions! —Renae

Brian was an invaluable support and advisor to me during perhaps the most difficult time of decision-making in my life. As a driven professional whose career and personal life had been tumultuous and constantly changing in recent years, I needed an advocate in my corner who could help me make sense of the path that had led me to that point, as well as remember and begin to re-explore what my passions and desire for my career really were. Brian helped me to increase my awareness around those areas, and regain my confidence to remember that my dreams are both achievable and worthy of pursuing. He is so gifted at understanding a client’s purpose and charting out ways for them to explore options as they rediscover or fully embrace their path. I left every conversation feeling empowered and energized, knowing that I already possessed the tools to make good decisions about my career and life, which Brian helped me to remember and recognize. All of this, in addition to his kindness and friendship, makes recommending Brian to others such a joy. I could not do so more highly.


Working with Brian was invaluable. I came to him at a hard time when everything seemed to be catching up with me and collapsing. After the 6 weeks to success program that I did with him, I left more confident, stable and comfortable with my personal and professional relationships, and felt that I finally rose above my upper limiting behaviors. Life feels more filled with ease and gratitude. I see doors opening personally and professionally. I am showing up as me! I would recommend his services to anyone needing to step up their life and wanting to reclaim their power and own their personal value and worth. — Chris

You possess the beautiful ability to actually listen(Hold Space), & hear where someone is at, followed with suggestions that assist in pointing the person requesting service towards finding their own solution, or truth!


Brian is kind, genuine, and present. He leads with an open heart and has a beautiful grounding energy that is contagious. If you are needing support on your life path or with a transition, I highly recommend him.  —Kristie

Brian coached me through a critical time in my business when it mattered most. Working with Brian made a huge difference in how I navigated a big change and how I positioned myself in my field as an entrepreneur. He was helpful, engaged, and professional throughout our 90 day coaching contract. I wouldn’t be where I am doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for our work together. I highly recommend working with him if you want to get to the next level.  —Andrew

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian for a bit over a year now. We have embarked on countless deep dives into the abyss of core wounds, relationships, mother wound, self worth, & reclaiming your power. What I love about working with Brian is his ability to hold some serious space when things get intense. His ability to neutralize a charged topic with humor. Brian is an exceptional listener, & I have really appreciated the way he assists/supports me in finding my own answers & truths on this journey.


Brian is a masterful coach and I highly recommend working with him if you’re needing to get to the next level. Brian helped me transition from a job that I wasn’t enjoying to starting my own business and launching my dreams. Our work together helped me address my fears, insecurities, and resistances and transform them into my jet fuel. I cannot recommend him enough. He has the skills, presence and the ability to help you create the life of your dreams. —Jake

“A crick in my neck
Banging away on the Mac
Time for a massage

Hands on expertise
Rending knots from my body
Refreshed and renewed”
– Joe

“Brian is an excellent bodyworker who is particularly good with specific injuries, aches and pains. He is also very professional while being kind and genuinely interested in helping his clients feel better.” —Lisa

“Brian does excellent work. He is especially talented with bringing awareness to holding of emotion in the muscles and body.” —Elizabeth

“While in town for a short visit, I had been having some hip discomfort. After seeing Brian my hip feels so much better, even after a long (5 hours) drive back home. Brian is very professional and I would recommend him and will see him again.” —Theresa

“Brian has helped me through injuries and tight muscles while educating me about why I may be experiencing these problems, as well as giving me advice on how to avoid them. His knowledge and great massages keep me coming back each week. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!” —Grace