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I am here to offer healing energy work to you. I have been trained in and practiced Quantum Touch Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy level one and two and am working towards practitioner of CST. I also incorporate my own intuition and spirit guides to help guide me through the session. I tune into what the body desires and help to facilitate its desires for health and wellness. I listen to the CranioSacral rhythm, feeling where they are loose and tight, and where they are tight, I will do techniques to release this. I also incorporate Myofascial Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy techniques when more physical work is necessary. Sometimes what you are experiencing on the physical realm is not always the source of the problem, only what your body is exhibiting as a problem, but a sign to go deeper into yourself for answers. Sometimes on the mental, spiritual or physical levels, depending on what’s needed at that time, but the body is innate and knows how to heal itself, it just needs assistance at times from external sources.

The ranges of experiences my clients have are quite broad, depending on what their bodies have needed. Extreme relaxation, yet having pinpoint clarity in one session, to having emotional releases pulling veils of pain and suffering away in another. Going inward and seeing colors, shapes, objects float through their visual field is a very common experience as well. Feeling energy move through their bodies, often from places of ease, to places of discomfort, or vice versa. Warmness, tingling, electrical pulses even temporary pain as experienced as well, as the body is processing what it needs to on different levels

In summary, what I have offered to my clients are experiences of expansion, opening, clarity and transformation to the mind body and spirit, maybe not all at once, but these are common in each session. I also do not consider myself a “healer” I am more of a facilitator to aid your body on its journey through this life and help process all things that come up within it. Talking is something that often happens in sessions, where clients express what they are experiencing and I offer the space for them to do so with out judgment, but privacy.  Holding space for them so they feel comfortable, with out trying to influence their experience, I will offer council or my point of view on something, but never with intent to influence but to inform or suggest. 

I don’t claim to be the best, I only claim that I do what I do, and offer to you what I feel I can. We are all on our own journeys and at different points along that path, always exactly where we need to be.  Let me be your helping hand.

— Brian M. Truskowski 



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